pie warmer

Who doesn’t love pie? Better yet, who doesn’t love pie steaming straight from one of our pie warmers pie warmer ? We carry high capacity pie warmers for commercial establishments. We also have pie warmers that can keep any baked goods warm. We have equipment that is suitable for warming and displaying at the same time, so if you’re running a pie shop or café, we’ve got you covered. And of course you’re not limited to pies; these cabinets can easily display cinnamon buns, donuts, or anything else you’d like to keep warm and fresh. Many of them have glass sides and are lit from inside, which will create impulse sales.The full range of Pie Warmers & Cabinets from manufacturers such as Lincat and Parry.Synonymous with Great Britain, the humble pie is a common site in fish and chip shops, football stadia, takeaways, bakeries and even pubs and bars. Customers love a hot pie, the best bit? They can be filled with almost anything!If you want to make pie part of the main cornerstones of your business freanch fry station , then our pie warmers and heated cabinets are a great way to entice customers with your perfect pastry.Not limited to just keeping pies ready for serving, our pie warming cabinets can hold all manner of items hot and ready to take away or plate up.Save time by pre-preparing pies, pizza, pastry and much more by storing it at the ideal temperature, allowing you to focus time on other tasks.Available in a range of shapes and sizes, from manufacturers such as Burco, Cheftec, Lincat and Parry robolabs.pro, you are sure to select an excellent hot cabinet for your business.